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Welcome to the Fired Up Hospitality.

Born in 2020


Fired Up is a multi faceted group specialising in the Hospitality sector, a collective of Hospitality brands including multi-award winning Restaurants, Finance & Consultancy.

Fired up aims to help develop and incubate in-house brands alongside investing and nurturing start ups, fledgling multi site operators and small boutique groups.


 Fired Up aims to continue to develop and grow its current brands alongside investing and helping grown local independent brands. 


The group has been set up with a core mantra



Incubate, Nurture, Develop, Innovate, Grow & Operate

With over 25 years combined experience our team have a key aim to nurture and invest in young brands with the idea to helping them develop their brands operational, financially & strategically.



We currently operate two boutique restaurant brands, a Hospitality consultancy firm and a Management Reporting company  under the Fired Up Group and we are looking to add more to this over the coming years.

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It all began with Fire

Zim is a multi award-winning boutique restaurant group based on the South Coast with restaurants in Bournemouth and Poole. 

Zim uses traditional open flame cooking methods with balanced menu of Meat, Fish and Plant wrapped up with first class service, striking design and with a vibrant atmosphere to delivering a new Foodie Frontier to the UK

Welcome to the home of African Food.